Water Infra Automation (Aqualogix)

Our Integrated Water Information Management System:

1.Data Acquisition and Near to Real Time Monitoring

Desire energy having own designed and developed IOT Gateway/RTU and further WIMS Software to transmit data from remote sites to the central server and after processing provide Near to Real time monitoring through Web and app.

“IOT and Data Monitoring of More than 1000 SOLAR-DFU-SITES IN Rajasthan for PHED through web page www.live.desiresolar.in”

2.Water Transmission & Distribution Management

We at Desire implemented completed Water Transmission and distribution system for Bharatpur city and also for Jodhpur Kailana lake in Rajasthan and Deesa City in Gujarat. which includes SCADA for major pumping system and IOT based data acquisition from Over Head tanks. Entire city water management can be moinitred on a single screen which includes various alarms and alerts like water level in overhead tanks, supply schedules etc. This system provides live monitoring as well as operation of the pumping system.

“Jodhpur-Kailana Lake water Transmission monitoring and automation www.escokailana.com

“Bharatpur-City Water Transmission and distribution www.escobharatpur.com ”

“Deesa-City-Gujarat- Water Transmission and Distribution through Android Mobile Application”

3.Water Treatment/Quality monitoring

Our Aqualogix WIMS application can monitoring the water quality by the data received through IOT or SCADA. We are managing the data received from 400 Reverse Osmosis RO Plant installed in various part of Rajasthan for PHED-Rajasthan.

“Water Quality Monitoring and Management of 400+ Reverse Osmosis Plants for PHED-Rajasthan on www.desirero.ierp.in ”

4.WIMS Simulation-Analytics and Report

Our Aqalogix WIMS application provide the data streaming, Data Analytics and Required Reports and alerts to the web page as well as to the data center.

“Reports and Analytics in Bharaptur-Rajasthan WIMS Project”

“Energy Conservation Measures for the pumping system at Deesa-Gujarat”

5.GIS Tagging and Asset Management

We have developed an ERP Tool for the asset management and our WIMS Software is having compatibility to map and location.

“GIS Tagging of More than 1000 sites of SOLAR-DFU Project of PHED-Rajasthan”